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Jul 19, 2006 · Answers. Best Answer: Edward the Second was dispatched in such a manner, the poker being inserted up his tail pipe, so that there would be no apparent marks of violence on the body. As an aside, Edward was the wimpish gay character in the movie Brave heart, son of Long shanks, and it was probably done on his wife's orders. The Death of Edward II – natural causes, suffocation or a Mar 05, 2015 · In 1326, Queen Isabella turned against Edward, gathered an army and kicked him off the throne. As a result, Edward II became the first English monarch to be deposed. Depending on what you believe, it’s possible he then suffered a very gruesome death by having a red-hot poker shoved up his anus – on Isabella’s orders.

5 Mar 2015 ... Depending on what you believe, it's possible he then suffered a very gruesome death by having a red-hot poker shoved up his anus – on ... “They don't like it up 'em…” Revisiting the sordid deaths of Edmund ... 17 Mar 2011 ... On the night of 21 September 1327, he was held down and a red-hot poker pushed into his anus through a drenching-horn. His screams could ... Edward II of England - Wikipedia Edward II (25 April 1284 – 21 September 1327), also called Edward of Carnarvon , was king of .... Edward grew up to be tall and muscular, and was considered good looking by the standards of the period. ...... Accounts that he had been killed by the insertion of a red-hot iron or poker into his anus slowly began to circulate,  ... Top 10 Bizarre Deaths of the Middle Ages - Listverse

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Although many historians have long suspected that the red-hot poker story was just medieval propaganda, most agreed that Edward II was indeed murdered in 13. As a result, the death has a rare status in British history: part of the nation’s consciousness of its bloody heritage and a landmark date...

Does anyone have rectal pain? ... Felt like a red hot poker was going up my bum. Turned out to be endo in my bowels (as well as everywhere else). I had to have surgery done by a gynaecologist and a colorectal surgeon. He took out a portion of my colon and rectum. Ended up with an ileostomy for a couple of months which was reversed. Symptoms of endo on or near bowel? Please ...

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'Flamenco' red hot poker has 8-inch spikes of red, ... Long-blooming helenium lights up the late-season garden with showy daisy flowers in brilliant yellows, ... Red Hot Poker Plants - The Spruce Red hot poker plants (aka torch lilies) are striking perennials native to South Africa. Learn how to grow them and enjoy their color all summer. Who was the English King who got a red hot poker up his ... Who was the English King who got a red hot poker ... which English king was killed by a red hot poker up ... What's better,a red hot poker in yer ...bum or ...

The Politics of King Edward and his Favorites - Kinemage The story goes that Edward died from a red hot poker being shoved up his ass; this cannot be confirmed (but the rumor gives further circumstantial support to the theory that he was gay, and considered so by his contemporaries). The Hot Poker in The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale